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NaturoPure HF380
Air Cleaner XJ-3000C
Air Cleaner XJ-3000D
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Air Purifier XJ-2000
Air Ioniser XJ-1000
Air Ioniser XJ-800
Air cleaner XJ-600
Air Ioniser XJ-201
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Blueair Particle Filter Kit 500/600 series (Set of 3)
Blueair Particle Filter Kit 500/600 series (Set of 3)
[incl. 19% TAX excl. Shipping]
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Heaven Fresh MULTI-TECH Intelli-Pro XJ-3800A

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New! Multi-Tech Intelli-Pro Air Purifier
Intelligent Air Purifier

  • The Most Complete Air Purifier on the Market - Advanced Sensor Technology and Six Leading Technologies.

  • Sensor Technology: Sensors are in place to monitor air quality, detect certain types of pollutants, and to indicate when the filter or bulb need to be replaced.

  • Six Leading Technologies: With six air purification functions, there is a technology for virtually every type of airborne pollutant.

  • Technologies include HEPA filter, activated carbon filter, ionizer, germicidal UV light, washable electronic dust collector and washable pre filter.

XJ-3000 C Multi-Tech, Hepa, Ionic & UV technologies Heaven Fresh  Ionic Air Purifier XJ-2000
Top 5 Technologies into
One Air Purifier.
  • Air Ionizer/Negative Ions for allergens, bacteria, viruses, chemicals and more.
  • HEPA Air Filter for particles including dust and mold spores.
  • Germicidal UV Light for microbes such as viruses, germs, bacteria, and fungi.
  • Activated Carbon Filter for chemicals, gases, cigarette smoke, and odors.
  • Optional/Programmable Ozone for strong odors and filter sanitization.
Additional Advantages -
  • Clean and Easy Filter Replacement (Every 1-2 Years).
  • Inexpensive Filter Replacement and Operation Costs (Just 40-Watt Electricity  Usage).
  • Quiet, Powerful Fan increases the   effectiveness of the ionizer, filter, and  ozone sanitizer.
An Air Purification Technology
for Every Air Pollutant -

Since certain technologies are much better than others at removing certain pollutants.

click to find out how XJ3000C cleans the air

Our Best Buy.... XJ-2000 Ionic air purification system
Our Heaven Fresh XJ-2000 Ionic Air Purifier is by far the most affordable and effective indoor air purifier in the market. Compare it to Sharper Image Ionic Breeze model , which costs "an arm and a leg" to own one (US$349!!), you can buy multiple units of our XJ-2000 Ionic Air Purifier and can purify the whole house instead of purifying only one large room.
Heaven Fresh  XJ-2000 Features:
  • 100% solid state electronic circuit XJ2000
  • No filter replacement (Uses stat of the art stainless steel dust collection plates-easily removed and cleaned)
  • 16 high density stainless steel needle points producing optimum negative ions level
  • Noiseless operation ( no moving parts)
  • Low power consumption
  • An effective and affordable way to combat indoor air pollution
Cutway View:

How The XJ-2000 Purifies The Air

30 Days Money Back Guarantee !!!

Testimonials and Review

Our customers' reviews speak for us and our products

I purchased 5 of the XJ-2000 Air Purifiers 2 weeks ago. Since then we have had a huge fire within blocks of us here in Southern California. Both our cars were covered in ash. The sidewalks, grass etc. were also covered. Outside the stench from the fire was so bad that you have to wear a mask. But inside, there was no smell. The air is fresh and clean. I cannot say enough about these units. I really love them.
Jimmy Christodoulou

I just wanted you to know that this was a very professional and class above all others experience. Kudos to you and your company and you sure know how to conduct business correctly.
Tim Dixon
Dixon Interprises, Inc.

BTW, we had lots of forest fires here this summer and there was always lots of heavy smoke in the air. The XJ-2000 units were great for keeping the air in the house breathable. What really amazed me is that when I mentioned it to people, they seem to think Negative Ion generators are some kind of scam device, it's really unfortunate that more people do not realize that these units really do work. And one other story for you. Last week I was doing double sided printing. When you print the flip side all the pages stick together because of the static they built the first time they fed through the printer. I ran the pages over the XJ-2000 and then perched it on top of the printer and that was the end of my paper feed problems.
John Kellas
Calgary, BC

I just wanted to give you some positive feedback about one of your products that I recently purchased, the XJ-2000. I have to be honest. I was skeptical about air purifiers in the beginning but I have a newborn son with three cats in the house and I wanted to give it a shot. After receiving them XJ-2000 and plugging it in, it took only a few minutes to actually feel and smell the difference it made. I'm now a believer and will be ordering two of the XJ-1000's for our kid's rooms. Thanks again.
Scott M. Barrows

Welcome to Heaven Fresh Air
Is the dust and polluted air getting to you?
We have a perfect solution for you. Heaven Fresh silent indoor home airpurifiers from neo-tec are the ideal indoor air cleaners for the home and office. Using no annoying fan or HEPA air filters, its silent operation is efficient in cleaning the room of airborne particles.
Fresh and Clean Air free of: Product Features:
  • Viruses, Bacteria and Germs
  • Odors and Smells
  • Mold, Fungi and Mold Spores
  • Allergens and Pet Dander
  • Cigarette and Cigar Smoke
  • Chemical fumes and Vapors
  • No Filter Replacement
  • Easy Maintenance and Cleaning
  • Absolutely Noiseless Operation
  • Very Low Power Consumption
  • Extremely Light Weight and Handy
  • High Negative Ion Output
New Products For April
HEPA-/Aktivkohle-Ersatzfilter-Kassette für XJ-3800-2
HEPA-/Aktivkohle-Ersatzfilter-Kassette für XJ-3800-2
[incl. 19% TAX excl. Shipping]
Air Purifier Airfree® E40
Air Purifier Airfree® E40
[incl. 19% TAX excl. Shipping]
UV-Lamp for XJ-2800 UV
UV-Lamp for XJ-2800 UV
[incl. 19% TAX excl. Shipping]
ZOOMlus® DDFT01 with Biofilter
ZOOMlus® DDFT01 with Biofilter
[incl. 19% TAX excl. Shipping]
HEPA-/Aktivkohle-Ersatzfilter-Kassette für XJ-2800
HEPA-/Aktivkohle-Ersatzfilter-Kassette für XJ-2800
[incl. 19% TAX excl. Shipping]
HEPA/Activated Carbon Air Filter Cartridge for XJ3000D
HEPA/Activated Carbon Air Filter Cartridge for XJ3000D
[incl. 19% TAX excl. Shipping]
ZOOMlus® DDFT01 with Biofilter
ZOOMlus® DDFT01 with Biofilter
[incl. 19% TAX excl. Shipping]
Blueair Particle Filter Kit 500/600 series (Set of 3)
Blueair Particle Filter Kit 500/600 series (Set of 3)
[incl. 19% TAX excl. Shipping]
Multifunction Air Purifier Heaven Fresh HF280
Multifunction Air Purifier Heaven Fresh HF280
[incl. 19% TAX excl. Shipping]
Air Purifier Office
Air Purifier Office
[incl. 19% TAX excl. Shipping]
Blueair 550E with Particle Filter
Blueair 550E with Particle Filter
[incl. 19% TAX excl. Shipping]
ZOOMlus® DDFT01 with Biofilter
ZOOMlus® DDFT01 with Biofilter
[incl. 19% TAX excl. Shipping]
Blueair 650E with Particle Filters
Blueair 650E with Particle Filters
[incl. 19% TAX excl. Shipping]
[incl. 19% TAX excl. Shipping]

[incl. 19% TAX excl. Shipping]
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HF200 Silent Ionic Air Purifier
HF200 Silent Ionic Air Purifier
[incl. 19% TAX excl. Shipping]
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Heaven Fresh Air Cleaner HF300C Multi-Tech
I have been using the xj 3000c for six days when we stayed a ..
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